Who is Leopardus for?

Leopardus has been created with the intention of facilitating things when creating a web tool.
Leopardus seeks to be easy both for developers who play a key role in Leopardus and for end consumers.
Being based on Laravel has all those features that we love about this great framework facilitating and greatly speeding up the development of Leopardus



Content creators

Easy to create modifications

Leopardus was created with the intention of being easy to use, manipulate and develop, that's why we use Laravel and the best practices in terms of modular development.

It has a modular structure that allows the extension of functions in a simple and organized way.

In less than 1 min. You can create a module. Leopardus has a command system with which creating a module is super simple and fast.

The front, as you want it to be

Leopardus is compatible with any front-end development framework, be it Jquery, React, Angular or for the more pure JavaScript enthusiasts.
Leopardus has a page manager to create your page as you want.

Intuitive control panel for the administration of users, roles, permissions and pages.

A built-in module store with hundreds of commercial and free add-ons.

A robust framework for the development of modules and plugins.

Flexible, fast and scalable.

Let's start right now.

Currently Leopardus is in the development phase.
If you want to contribute, do not hesitate. Send your Pull Request!
Try now it and share your feedback!

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